A Look at the Wide Array of Items on the Buffett Archive

The Warren Buffett Archive at the University of Alabama is an extensive online repository with over one million pieces of content. The website contains a wide variety of content ranging from general to the most in-depth reporting on the fiscally relevant topics of the past decade. It’s easy to navigate and search for data using categories like “stocks”, “gains”, “finances”, and “investments”. The archive also includes a full year of archived financial statements including the income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and profit and loss statement. The site also provides background data on the life philosophies and principles of the Omaha investor, as well as information on his investments, business ventures, and family history.

Buffett Archive

Warren Buffet has been quoted as saying that no man can outshine him, with regards to achieving wealth, so the Warren Buffett Archive features highlights reel reels featuring the top ten stories of the investor’s career. It also includes a short video highlighting Buffett’s annual meeting at the Playboy Mansion and his subsequent induction into the Phi Beta fraternity. There is even a small gallery highlighting some of Buffett’s earlier works. Other highlights include the following: Speaking at the Playboy Mansion Annual Meeting ( Playboy Enterprises, Inc. ), The Money Machine (Aperture Magazine), The Bermuda Triangle (entertainment), Being Wrong (AbeBooks), The Meaning of Money ( Citadel Press), and Money Secrets (Yale University Press).

It’s interesting to look at how the internet relates to the life of a famous investor such as Buffett. While the traditional library often caters to the wealthy or the educated, this archive takes a more accessible, everyday approach, especially with the videos. By accessing it, people can see for themselves the real stories behind the words that are used in famous speeches, books, and other forms of media. This is a very valuable thing indeed, especially when considering the fact that one only has a few short years to live.