Accessing the Buffett Archive

The widely-recognized Warren Buffett Archive features his early years as a young stock trader and investor, and his later years as a world-class philanthropist, publisher, and poet. These legendary quotes, often published in a famous book, serve as a guide for investors who want to become more successful. One book, titled A History of American Investment, traces the history of American investment through the rise and fall of the greatest investment companies in the United States, as well as America itself. This archive provides investors with an excellent starting point when they are learning about the business world.

Buffett Archive

The most comprehensive and entertaining series of Buffett’s speeches and interviews, compiled into the highly acclaimed audio archive, is known as the Warren Buffett Annual Shareholder Meeting. The Warren Buffett Annual Shareholder Meeting, first showcased in 1971, highlights all of Buffett’s public speaking engagements, and how he develops and communicates his message. Among the highlights are his description of negotiating Wall Street, the possibility of a declaration of independence, and his feelings about certain international issues. The full annual meetings, which also include an audio recording of Buffett’s address, are the most comprehensive resources available on the web for anyone interested in learning more about the life and works of one of the world’s greatest wealth creators. Audio snippets and archived video from previous yearly meetings provide further insight into the routines and personalities of the man behind the words. There are a total of eight CDs available from this series, ranging in length from one hour to two hours; these contain different recordings each year.

Another valuable aspect of the Buffett Archive is the Searchable Video Portfolio Tracker. The portfolio tracker provides detailed information on all of the famous addresses and writings that have been made available via the Warren Buffett Association, including highlights from the past two decades. The most recent content is based upon Buffett’s historic visit to Japan, where he addressed the Japanese economy and shared his thoughts on the nation’s economic future. The project, completed in late 2021, used transcripts and video of the speech, along with related documents, to create a fully searchable video portfolio.