Learn More From the Online Warren Buffett Archive

The most interesting Warren Buffett Archive features a series of videos of Buffett speaking at various annual gatherings, as well as one of his famed fireside chats at his original investment firm, Omaha Steaks. The video of this fireside chats in Omaha is actually shown in the film, “Buffett” which was made by CBS News prior to his acquisition of the Enterprise. Viewers were asked to submit their questions via email, and Buffett responded to questions via video. It is interesting to see how often he speaks in these videos, and how much he seems to genuinely enjoy being able to talk to people about investing. In one of these videos, he refers to the Omaha Steaks motto: “If you’ve never eaten steak, you have no business being steak owner.”

Buffett Archive

This powerful search engine allows users to quickly find a number of clips featuring Buffett, whether they are from his many years at Omaha Steaks or from any other time. One clip in particular has him at the annual meeting of the Security Exchange Commission, and he is seen wearing a dark suit with a navy blue stripe and tie, along with a white vest. A short background audio track of him discussing the economy is also included. One can easily see why the most famous investor in the world would want to be included on this type of footage, since he is so influential. Even though the clip is from several years ago, it still provides valuable insight into what he is thinking about today.

Other topics taken from the archive include discussions on topics such as health care and insurance, taxes, stock market investing, organic food, venture capital, education, energy, communications, and the oil and gas industry. These and many more can be found by searching for topics taken from the short-formulated, online content archive, which Warren Buffet created in collaboration with Charlie Munger. Although some people criticize the lack of segmentation in these types of videos and clips, it seems to be an unavoidable part of achieving success through the Internet. If one is unable to view the entire video, it may still help to scroll down and view the summary of each individual clip, since it can provide additional insights on the topics discussed. In addition, the fact that the entire collection is free makes it even more desirable.