Powerful Search Engine Technology Creates the Buffett Archive

The annual meeting of the Bermuda Investment Society allows investors to get a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s most successful investors, as well as providing up-to-date information on investments throughout the world. Most importantly, the society provides an opportunity for shareholders to meet the legendary investor, Warren Buffett. The archived footage from the annual meeting of the Bermuda Investment Society, first given to CNBC by Warren Buffett, provides an insight into the legendary investor’s character, wisdom and investment strategies. The footage is available to current and potential shareholders throughout the world. It also serves as a great resource for educational purposes.

The video footage from the annual shareholder meetings provides an unparalleled opportunity for education and learning. It gives a unique look into the mind-set of one of the most influential and respected investors in the world. It is an educational experience that teaches us about the art of investor psychology, including how to read the tea leaves, what the occasional misstep like Enron can teach us about management, and how a mentor like Warren Buffett can continue to lead even when the winds in his sails. And it teaches us important lessons that will allow us to be more aware of how we manage risk and other important aspects of our investing and wealth building activities.

All of this is achieved through the use of short-form video footage from the annual shareholder meetings. The powerful search engine technology used to produce the short-form videos makes them simple to watch, easy to learn and most importantly, incredibly powerful in presenting the information needed. This information can be used not only to educate ourselves but to help others become better investors.