Searching the Warren Buffett Archive

Content from the Warren Buffett Archive consists of: speeches; books; short-form personalized videos highlighting conversations with Warren Buffett about various topics and industries taken directly from his famous annual shareholder meetings and CNBC interviews. You will also find a number of outtakes, deleted scenes, one-liners and comments from famous interviews. The audio can be played straight through your media player or downloaded to an MP3 player for further listening enjoyment. The content is available for free on the internet but the best part is that you will receive absolutely no advertising.

Buffett Archive

The most powerful search tool I have found to help me get access to this archive is the Buffett Archive. It is an online service that provides free access to short-form, long-form and interactive transcripts from all of Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder meetings and interviews. There is even more content available through the Buffett Archive site, including: short-form profiles, the famous “secretaries interview,” and an advanced biography on the legendary investor. All of these options are available free.

I use the Buffett Archive on a daily basis to discover new areas of interest and information that might not have been previously available through other means. The archive is particularly useful if you want to do research and if you are looking for something specific, such as the twenty-year period when Warren Buffett was investing in international businesses. Access to video footage, interviews, and newsletters from this era is incredibly valuable as it gives a much more complete picture of the man and his achievements than any one article or website can provide. I especially like the Accessible Data Format feature, which makes searching through the archive very easy. It is definitely worth taking a look at as it could help you become a better investor in the long term.