The Berkshire Hathaway Archive – Audio, Video Clips, and Articles

It contains articles from the various Warren Buffett Archive collections: A-Z: a compilation of assorted soundbites and short-formulated statements by Warren Buffett about business, personal life, investing, social life and the world political scene. It also contains material from various related books and periodicals: Communications: The Last Psychiatrist, Think and Grow Rich, Being Rich, The Wealth of Nations, and World At Your Service. The magazine was started by Warren Buffet in 1948. He had succeeded his father-in-law by becoming a millionaire. As such, he wanted to share his experiences with other people similar to himself so that they could also enjoy prosperity and achieve their dreams. Thus, he started the magazine.

Buffett Archive

Other collections from the archive include: Special Features, Bestsellers, A Day in the Life of Warren Buffett, Favorite Books, A Year at the Hoover Institution, and Memorable Moments. This latter collection is the highlight reel of this annual meeting, which is held every year and it includes some ninety-minute video clips. These video clips highlight some of the highlights from the annual meetings. One can also search the web for the official transcript of the audio and video clips. Other information about the speaker and the association can also be found on the web.

There are several articles included in this collection that provide information on the stock market, investments, managing wealth and investing in certain industries. Some of the short-form content highlights include: “A Summary of Warren Buffett’s Annual Shareholders Meetings,” Berkshire Hathaway and Investments,” “Berkshire Hathaway: The Inside Story,” “Berkshire Hathaway and Its Approach to Business,” “Berkshire Hathaway and Its Income,” “Berkshire Hathaway: The Road to Riches,” “Berkshire Hathaway – The Road to Riches and Knowledege,” and “A Day in the Life of Warren Buffett.” Additional articles include: “Books – Two Complete Collections,” “lected articles – Part II,” “selected previously published articles – Part I,” and “quotes.” There are also a glossary of financial terms and a chart of its evolution. There is also a list of key business goals along with the corresponding definition in brackets.