The Warren Buffett Archive

The first thing that catches your attention about the website for The Warren Buffett Archive is the “About” and “Contact” tabs at the bottom of each page. We also learn that this archive was assembled by Robert Kiyosaki, who is a senior adviser to Warren Buffett. The purpose of these resources is to give access to the investor’s extensive archive, as well as to provide an archive for investors, schools, researchers, historians and journalists to use for research. One interesting feature that I found in one of these web sites about The Warren Buffett Archive is the section entitled “ephemeris”, which provides historical information regarding the life of the great investor. While at times the information provided is somewhat dated, it provides some interesting insights into the life of this legendary investor and how he made his billions.

Buffett Archive

The Warren Buffett Archive has a powerful search function, which enables you to search all the content on the site according to date, category, title, author or whatever information you want to find. One of my favorite features is the ability to search by actor, actress, director, music band, etc. As someone who loves to collect films, I can’t get enough the film clips featuring Mr. Buffet. And being able to search using my personal preferences helps to make this site even more enjoyable. I particularly like the interactive transcripts, which enable the user to listen to the interviews in their own time, which is especially helpful when making a major purchase. I especially like the ability to search for certain keywords, which The Warren Buffett Archive offers.

In addition to the content found in the Warren Buffet Archive, one can also find a wealth of information, as well as videos, about the life of the great investor, as noted in the book, “The Warren Buffett Way: Three decades at the helm of the world’s greatest investment firm.” The book, as well as the video footage, highlights many of Mr. Buffet’s famous quotes, as well as his philosophies and his vision for the future. The archive also offers commentaries from some of the world’s most respected investment leaders. The comments range from general thoughts to extremely specific details, providing an insider’s view of the man and his remarkable achievements.