Trader Talk Review – Is Trader Talk a Fraud?

Trader Talk is an online newsletter that offers free stock tips and trade recommendations to both day traders and long-term investors. This is the audio version of Trader Talk, all the content is for your personal use and is not intended to be construed as investment advice. Trading is a complex science, there’s no hard and fast laws governing successful trading, instead success is measured by the amount you exceed your expected losses. The Trader Talk audio newsletter is presented by Jim Cramer, one of the most well known voices in the stock market. His enthusiasm are infectious, and allow you to see the markets in a new light.

Trader Talk

Trader Talk offers articles on a wide variety of topics such as fundamental and technical analysis, market news, tips on how to manage your money, and stock quotes and graphs. Although it’s purely a newsletter, the content can be used as stock educational material as well. Some of the articles provided are very in depth, covering a multitude of topics. There are also short segments on particular stocks or market categories. For example, one article discussed the hot sector with particular words and information you should know before investing. The content is well worth the price of admission, especially if you have an existing financial plan or are planning on entering the stock market with funds.

Trader Talk is presented through a series of downloadable audio podcasts. They are easy to listen to and provide great insight into the markets. If you find an interesting topic, the podcast makes it easy to listen to and take in the information at your leisure. The quality of the audio and the format (most are available in MP3) make this a perfect option for investors and those who like to listen to things on the move.