Trader Talk – The Many Benefits

Trader Talk is simply the shortened version of the more commonly recognized investor chat or forum. It is essentially an online chat room on Wall Street, where Wall Street traders chat with other traders and share their experiences regarding their investments, particularly with other companies. Trader Talk can also be used to network with people who are seriously into trading stocks or other investments, often called “finance hackers”.

The whole concept of Trader Talk is to give traders a place to talk in a more casual atmosphere. Traders love to brag about their successes and generally share information about what is happening in their investing world. However, there is usually some sort of leeway when it comes to sharing personal information. There are no strict rules when it comes to that. But generally, it is a good idea not to flood someone with phone numbers or home addresses.

Trader Talk has changed the way I do my investing and I believe it will change the way you do your investing as well. It provides an atmosphere that makes it safer and more comfortable to share information and opportunities with other traders. The best part is that there are more than 200 registered users. This means that you are almost guaranteed to find someone to talk to who is more experienced than you.