What Is Trader Talk?

Over the last year or so Trader Talk has become something of an Internet phenomenon. In less than a day, purchased millions of dollars of these bonds for your portfolio. For those unfamiliar with the term, the conversation outlined below is about what it is and why it is useful to your financial portfolio.

Trader Talk

Trader Talk is basically just a jargon used by individual traders and investment banks for the purpose of facilitating easier communications on a regular basis between those involved in Forex Trading. Simply put, it means that you can talk to other traders and invest your money without having to speak a single word. For the uninitiated, Trader Talk is essentially jargon for stock exchanges and markets (exchange traded funds or ETF’s). In the investment world, it refers to any company that does business on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board or OTCBB.

While this terminology may be a bit confusing to the layperson, there is no reason to worry. Trader Talk is completely free to use on the Internet and should not cost you anything in order to obtain the information you need to know. This is important to many new investors who do not want to invest large sums of money into a business without knowing everything they can about that business. Trader Talk is essentially the voice of the Forex market and any investing professional who wish to discuss their business can participate freely within this growing informational hub.